More an more people are investing in their properties, and in doing so, are now viewing their outside space as being of equal importance in their lifestyle and quality of life as the space inside their homes. 



And with property prices becoming premium, high quality hard landscaping, in the domestic setting, is an area that has been rapidly growing over recent years. "Bringing the outside in and taking the inside out" is now a frequently heard term. Increasing numbers of home owners are having folding sliding doors installed and large expanses of glass are becoming more significant in new builds and extensions.


Here at Lee Codrington Construction we have come to specialise in the construction of new sun terraces, patios and driveways. We only work with natural stone and all hard landscapes that we build are built as permanent structures. We build gardens to withstand the test of decades of time. We build gardens to be completely and utterly fit for daily use, family living and enjoyment.


A typical sun terrace or patio will be laid on ground that has been excavated, by machine, to a consistent working depth of of approximately 170mm (7 inches) below the top of the finished slab work.


Once the site has been scrapped by machine, the levels are then checked using a laser level. When the correct working depth as been attained a geotechnical membrane is then spread out and pegged to the ground.


Thereafter, Limestone scalpings or Granite MOT (ministry of transport) roadstone is then installed on top of the geotechnical membrane to a depth of 100mm (4 inches) and compacted using vibrating plate machine or double drum roller, depending of the size of the project.


The slabs or stone setts are then laid on a 45mm (1 3/4 inch) solid concrete/mortar bed for strength and rigidity.



Finally the slabs are jointed by using kiln dried sand to fill all voids to within 20mm (3/4 inch) of the top of each slab joint. Thereafter each joint is filled with a hard setting, brush in jointing compound, which is then compacted to finish.