Conservatory and Decking

Due to the aspect of the property, this north facing corner of the garden was sheltered from the sun by high walls of both the house and the garage.  Very little in the way of vegetation grew.  The area seemed somewhat isolated and separate from the rest of the garden.

The clients solution was to have a conservatory built that would serve to link the newly converted garage to the rest of the house.  The conservatory also looks out over ancient countryside affording the client one of the best views in the village.

With cleanliness being of the utmost importance on any build, while creating a new opening from the lounge through to the conservatory, we built a dust shield in order to prevent penetration of fine debris into the existing property.

Following completion of the conservatory, the client also asked us to bring the garden into the house through the construction of a 50m square deck area incorporating flower beds and graduated steps down to the lawn.